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#BWFB Black Postcard (5 Postcards)

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This is so much more than a postcard!  This #BWFB postcard is also a powerful protection magick to carry with U and/or give to someone else!  The symbol in the middle of this Power Staff is activated by the tone "Woo-E," AFTER being infused by a Wombman's life waters.

Carry this postcard with U, keep in Ur home, give to friends/family members for protection, or even give to an enemy in love, as protection for Urself. 

There are over 200,000 (and counting) missing Black Women & Girls in America and the sale of these post cards, will enable the Wombmen of #BWFB to travel and spread awareness and provide solutions for Black Women & Girls across the country.

Only ONE holds the secret to its true name, which gives it life and power.  Allow this symbol to work for U.

About Woo-E and its protection:

The symbol on Ur postcard was created with the magic/vadex, brought into existence under the command of Dkawi Zasove Darvad Ceka Hsie.  The symbol has a True Name that was spoken upon its creation; only known by its creator.  Ur postcard has been programmed to activate when life water is applied and its Commanding Name is spoken 3 times.  What gives Ur postcard power, is its True name (only known by its creator, Dkawi Zasove Darvad Ceka Hsie), life water, and its Commanding Name.  Ur postcard is commanded to bring protection to its Commander when its Commanding Name is spoken 3 times.  So, when U feel U need protection, say “Woo-E” 3 times and Ur postcard will radiate its protection energy.

How to Activate For Your Postcard:

Add a drop (drop or tap) of Life Water to the symbol Woo-E on the back.

Speak its name 3 times.  “Woo-E, Woo-E, Woo-E.”

Ur Amulet of Protection is now activated!

Q: How long does the protection energy last?

A: As long as it is in the awareness of the Commander.  

Adding Life Waters:

U may add a drop (drop or tap) of life water/blood on the back of postcard.