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Tree of Life Ceramic Oil Burner

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If there is one symbol that permeates the human psyche it is the tree of life. Though the type of tree differs from place to place, the idea of a tree as a metaphor for life, vitality, nourishment, and how all life comes from one seed is one that many belief systems generated. Often, the tree may be depicted as having a fruit that is in some way helpful to people, the peaches which grant immortality, the fruits of wisdom. 

Instructions: Pour your favorite oil burner fragrance oil (scented oil, potpourri oil) or aromatherapy grade essential oil (See Echo Essential Oils) into the bowl. Place a lit tea-light candle in the base, sit back, relax, and wait for the wonderful aroma. Feel free to dilute the fragrance oil or essential oil with water to your liking.

This Tree of Life Ceramic Oil Burner is 6" high and sure to add life to your home!