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Fragrance/Body Oils

Because they are often made synthetically, fragrance oils come in a broader range of scents, and are usually much less expensive than essential oils. Their scent will often be stronger, and last longer, than the scent of essential oils.

Why wear Body Oils opposed to perfumes?

-Dry skin has a hard time holding on to scents, so when you use fragrance oils, your skin not only assists in helping retain the sent on the skin for longer.

-You have to use much LESS oil vs perfumes!  They last so much longer!

-Perfumes are made with body oils with the addition of alcohol. Alcohol is a drying agent and will dry out the skin. 



Fragrance oil can irritate some people's skin.  We recommend you do a skin test before using.  Lightly apply the oil to a small area of your skin and let it remain for 24 hrs. If any redness or rash occurs, wash area with a gentle soap and water, and discontinue use on your skin.  You can instead apply a few drops to your hands and apply to your clothes. Be sure NOT to put oil on white clothing as it will stain.

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