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Zen Wombs 9 Resin Sampler Pack

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Unsure about which resin you might like to purchase individually?  No worries!  We got U covered with The Zen Wombs Resin Sampler Pack! See descriptions of each below:

***You will receive 8-10 grams per bag.  Don't forget to purchase your charcoal and/or Oil Warmer when you order.***

Uses: Cleansing your space, changing the energy with the power of scent or in ritual. The best way to burn resin is on incense charcoals. Place the incense charcoals in a heat-resistant container that is filled with salt, sand or ash. 

Tzohe Mountain Pine Resin: 

This Pine Resin was harvested by Ceka & Luna from both Mt. Lemmon and the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.  We harvested this very special pine resin during the Gathering of Souls Rituals that took place November 24, 2018 and March 23, 2019. 

Sacred to the Native Americans for its healing properties and rich, pungent and clearing smoke—pine resin is a great way to clear a space. When burned, pine resin energetically creates a peaceful and inviting environment. It’s also used to clear and balance one’s aura and energy field. It’s commonly used in healing ceremonies and invokes clairvoyance, compassion and spiritual strength.

We've decided to teach our 4-year old how to be self sufficient and make his OWN MONEY.  He enthusiastically participated in the separation and bagging of the resin. So if you receive resin with a dinosaur sticker and MAYBE (LOL) a little resin at the top; it is a bag that Tzohe processed and packed.

Amazon Gold Peruvian Resin is a rare, special, and very valuable resin from the rain forest of Peru.  It is good for energizing the body for health and well being. This resin has a sweet and husky resinous aroma when burned.

Palo Santo Resin has a mild, soft, pleasant aroma, woodsy and sweet. Like all fragrant tree resins, it is important for ceremonial, spiritual and medicinal purposes. Clears disagreeable energy, provides intense spiritual protection, and brings good luck!

Dragon's Blood Resin comes from a palm tree. Brings love, protection, money, luck and exorcism.

This resin is used for increased power, purification, protection, consecration, and the development of strong ritual energy. Dragon's Blood incense comes from the Dracaena Draco plant.

Dragon's Blood smells sweet and soft, slightly amber-like but more natural and less sticky/sweet smelling than common amber. It is extremely rich and does an excellent job setting a calming mood to a space.

The Mystical Blend Resin contains Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal Resins.

Frankincense resin has been used throughout the ages to enhance spirituality, mental perception, meditation, intuition, wisdom, knowledge, inspiration, faith, transformation, prayer and consciousness, frankincense soothes the spirit as it slows and deepens breathing. Used since antiquity to heighten one's spiritual awareness, attract positive energy and create a protective aura around the user. This resin helps to induce peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams.

Myrrh resin can be used for purification and preparation for ritual, and may be burned as incense for purification, protection and healing.

Copal resin is a wonderful energy tool to use during your meditations. It is linked with the crown chakra, deepening your awareness and encouraging pure thoughts during meditation. Copal also helps to strengthen the auric body, removing all energy blockages. It is particularly useful in times of stress or even for alleviating feelings of depression, because it helps you to shift your mindset.

Frankincense Resin (see above description)

Mystical Dragon Resin originates in Egypt, is hard to find, and is extremely high quality!  Bring the Strength and Courage of the dragon to your rituals with this sweet smelling resin blend.

Three King's Resin is one of the most famous, most sacred incense blends available. Created to celebrate the Three Kings, or Three Wise Men, and the wisdom and magic they possessed.

Three Kings Resin Incense is formulated from an age old recipe combining three of the most highly prized ancient resins: (Boswellia paprifera, Commiphora myrrha, Boswell sacra). This wonderful blend is widely used to create an atmosphere appropriate for deep meditation relaxation and prayer.

Palo Santo Chips (or “Holy Wood”) is a sweet-smelling tropical wood that is a natural incense.  Palo Santo is said to clear out negative spirits and energies, increase relaxation, and bring joy and harmony to the home. It is in the family of trees that produces Frankincense and Myrrh, but is native only to Ecuador, Peru, and the Galapagos Islands. Its aroma is smooth, aromatic and spicy. 

Used for incense and smudging it creates a pleasant, fresh smelling smoke with hints of mint and citrus with underlying notes of frankincense. Thought to purge bad spirits, it is also said that it enhances creativity and brings good fortune.