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Raw Rock Medicine

The very first spiritual quest Zen Wombs, Ceka & Luna, were sent on together was a quest to collect stones from an Elder Medicine Woman. They were sent to a mine in Arkansas where they each mined several large buckets FULL of raw quartz crystals. The Zen Wombs played healing tones to the crystals that whole night. The next a.m. they woke to find the crystals loudly singing that music back to them!  

These crystals revealed to Ceka & Luna that they wanted to be washed only in water and salt.  Washing them this way has kept them raw and natural.  Many of them still have the dirt from the mine still on them!  Additionally, these crystals have been bathed and charged under the energies of the sun, the solar eclipse, the lunar eclipses, every full and new moon, and fresh rain.

These crystals are so sacred and full of magic.  Each is unique in their size, shape, color, and personality. When you purchase any of these crystals, you are purchasing a very special addition to your home, vehicle, crystal collection, medicine bag, and/or altar.

Every other stone listed on this site, will be stones that either Zen Wombs have hand-mined or traded from other hand-miners.

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