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Three Kings Resin

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Three King's Resin is one of the most famous, most sacred incense blends available. Created to celebrate the Three Kings, or Three Wise Men, and the wisdom and magic they possessed.

Three Kings Resin Incense is formulated from an age old recipe combining three of the most highly prized ancient resins: (Boswellia paprifera, Commiphora myrrha, Boswell sacra). This wonderful blend is widely used to create an atmosphere appropriate for deep meditation relaxation and prayer.

Uses: Cleansing your space, changing the energy with the power of scent or in ritual. The best way to burn resin is on incense charcoals. Place the incense charcoals in a heat-resistant container that is filled with salt, sand or ash. 

***You will receive 8-10 grams per bag.  Don't forget to purchase your charcoal and/or Oil Warmer when you order.***