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#MY51N20 Copper Tree of Life Charm

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There is not a more perfect symbol for Ceka’s #MY51N20 journey than this Copper Tree of Life Charm. 

The Tree of Life represents personal development, uniqueness, and individual beauty.  It represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe.  Its symbol of togetherness serves as a reminder that we are never alone, but instead connected to the world.  The roots of the Tree of Life dig deep for stability and to spread into the earth to accept nourishment from Mother Earth

Its branches reach up into the sky, accepting energy from the sun and moon. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow outwards and upwards to the sky, we too grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge, wisdom and new experiences as we move through life.  Over time, branches of trees break off and new ones grow as weather takes its toll, while the tree continues to stand strong and sturdy.  Just like the tree, we grow and change throughout our lifetime and our unique experiences mold us and enhance our individuality.

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol of strength as it stands tall and strong and can weather any storm.  It likewise represents growth as it starts out as a small, delicate sapling that grows over time into a giant, strong tree.

It also symbolizes fertility as it always finds a way to keep growing, through seeds or new saplings, and is lush and green, which signifies its vitality.  The Tree of Life is a beautiful representation of rebirth as leaves shed in the winter and regrow in the spring.  It embodies immortality because even as the tree grows old, it creates seeds that carry its essence so it lives on through new saplings.

Ur purchase of this sacred Copper Tree of Life Charm for $7.51 (plus s&h), will aid Ceka in her travels to spread the message of #MY51&20 and the human journey, as well as providing funds for any tools needed for her 20-mile walk as they arise (shoes, walking gear, etc.).  Proceeds from Ur purchase will also go towards the building of the Healing Retreat that will enable women from all walks of life to get on their own healing Journey to Be Human.

Add Ur Copper Tree of Life charm to an existing piece, or create a new jewelry piece for Ur charm to connect with and show support of Ceka on her journey while U are on Urs.