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Total Healing Packet

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Get ready to put the work in and take full and complete healing into YOUR OWN hands!

As the name implies, the Total Healing Packet is a guide that consist of 400 8x11 pages, that will aid the reader in healing themselves Consciously (Mentally), Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically.  Never before, has there been a single guide that contains elements on how to heal EVERY aspect of one’s being.   

We have long relied on the system, religion, and the medical establishment for our healing… We’ve learned yoga, we own crystals, we’ve heard about affirmations, we’ve gone back to nature, and we’ve changed our eating habits.  We have changed many aspects about ourselves including our locations, hair styles, and spiritual practices.  We do all of these things, yet something is still missing.  We still feel incomplete.  We feel and know that there is something else we should be doing, but aren’t exactly clear on what that is.  We make certain changes and find that we still, somehow, end up repeating many of the same patterns over and over again in our lives.  What do we do next?? Take responsibility for our own lives!

In the Total Healing Packet, there over 30 sections and the Packet is broken down into 3 parts. 

Part 1 contains a WEALTH of information that you can apply daily while living The Way.  The information provided covers many aspects of healing on conscious, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.  This is vital information that we have not been taught in any school or by our parents. 

Part 2 is the Transition to a Plant-Based Lifestyle Cookbook that will aid in the transition to healthier eating habits.

Part 3 is Ceka’s Complete Guide to Ascension/The Way which includes how Ceka and Luna live their day to day lives.  This section includes specific details on detoxification regimens we have undergone/use.  

 *BONUS GIFT* (($25 Value)  Included with your purchase of the Total Healing Packet, you will receive our gift of The Total Healing Affirmation.  This specific affirmation is 15-minutes in length and is spoken in our sacred language, Sti-newn.  Total healing is spoken over the entire body and each of its systems.  This affirmation contains the element of running water so that the words spoken, will speak directly to the waters and DNA of the listener.  Those who have listened to this affirmation and allowed it into their being, have reported that after listening, they have stopped smoking and released the desire of eating flesh, just to name a few. 

 Instructions on how to use the affirmation: 

#1 Sit in a quit place (once or twice daily)

#2 Contemplate on the healing of your entire body!

#3 Let Affirmation do its job! (best with earphones) 

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