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About Us

Zen Wombs is based in Northern Arizona and is owned and operated by wombs only. All of our products are of the best quality and sold in love. When u purchase products with us, u are supporting the, "Save The World, One Womb at a Time" #WEGOTWE, and N.O.S.A. (The Nation Of Self Awareness) movement. We carry the best incense, pure imported oils (body, fragrance, & infusion oils), natural soaps, resins, sage, raw Quartz crystals, natural hair care products, and MORE!
About our logo:
Zen Wombs represents ALL Wombs and what we are all attempting to attain in our spirituality. The women in the logo are at the height of their zen, which means to be one with mind, body, and spirit.
We cater to Wombs of ALL spiritual practices to include (but not limited to): Wombs of the craft, Priestess’, Wombs of the herb, Wombs in or of the nature movement, Lightworkers, Crystal workers and Yogis.
The idea of Zen Wombs is to aid sisSTARS in the remembrance of the Womb circles, the Wombdoms, the Matriarchal Societies and the red tents...the sisSTARhood. Together, we are finding our peace.