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All In One Enchantment Oil

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This oil is infused with several healing crystals, REAL money, herbs, resins and pure imported oils. It is an essential divination tool that EVERY Medicine Wombman needs in her medicine bag!

This oil is Perfect for New and Full Moon rituals, love, abundance, healing, prosperity, protection, purification, activation, grounding, enchantment, opening the way, and removing blocks to include:

-financial hinderance
-blocked creativity
-mental blocks
-spiritual blocks
-love blocks
-emotional blocks
-blocks in moving forward and letting go
-and any other blocks you can think of

It comes sealed with rope and candle wax ONLY to be opened by The Opener it was intended for after a ritual (comes with complete instructions-emailed) has been performed over it.

With this oil you will receive a full ingredient list, ingredient properties, incantation, and full instructions for use.

Seriously, why don't you have yours yet???

(oil may vary in color. green brown etc.)