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DNA REVOLUTION *Water Program* 

Please see important instructions for use on our YouTube:

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Be sure to leave email to receive the affirmation. Allow 24 hours for deliver. (add to your email contact list or you may receive the affirmation in your spam folder)

At Zen Wombs we use the honor system and we do our best to make products available for people of all income levels. We expect the buyer of the DNA REVOLUTION *Water Program* to share the Affirmation with one or two close family members. But do ask that sharing of this affirmation be limited as it is very inexpensive. Please encourage others to purchase!

This specific affirmation is 26-minutes in length and is spoken in our sacred language, Sti-newn. DNA REVOLUTION *Water Program* is spoken over the Heart, mind, cells and consciousness.  To bring the listener joy, wholeness, love, protection, health, abundance and more! This affirmation contains the element of running water so that the words spoken, will speak directly to the waters and DNA of the listener. Those who have listened to this affirmation and allowed it into their being, have reported that after listening, they have stopped smoking and released the desire of eating flesh, feel and look younger, more focus on spiritual matters, cellular rejuvenation just to name a few. 

How does it work?

The sacred language is spoken into the ear (ear phones are suggested but use ur own discretion) and travels throughout the body through the vagus nerve and vibrations. These words will speak to and program the waters and cells in your body.

Where does the language Sti-newn come from?

Over 30 years ago, "Source" spoke with Darvad Ceka Hsie while she was in her resting state. Darvad was given instructions and told to create and protect the sacred language Sti-newn. Years later she was given very precise instructions on working with tuning forks, her voice ( using the sacred language) and water. "Sound Healing Garden", was the name she was told to call this art. 

What is being said? What can this be used for?  What should I expect from this Affirmation?

 Because we (Zen Wombs) hold this language sacred we have voweled to protect it and only teach it to our tribal members. So we WILL NOT be sharing what is being said verbatim, yet we are willing to give a summery of the healing affirmation. In this affirmation Darvad is speaking to and about:

(The first four paragraphs is the same in most of the Sound Healing Garden's  Water Programs) I give thanks, gratitude and love to water, the waters of life in all things.  Thank u for ur perfect frequencies, vibrations and sounds. Thank u for aiding in the healing of all water bodies that u communicates with. Thank u for governing my existence and health. Thank u for expressing this affirmation of health to all waters in range of ur frequencies.

U are water, u are hydrogen and oxygen. U are whole and resonate frequencies of love, healing and perfect health.

All of ur molecules resonate perfect frequencies, vibrations and sounds. All of ur atomic particles resonate perfect frequencies, vibrations and sounds. U are healed. U are whole. U are love. U are beauty. U are an expression of source complete and in perfect health.

I speak total health into ur being. I speak total health into ur cells. I speak total health into ur molecules. I speak total health into ur atoms. 

I am grateful for all that serves my greatest good., I am love, I love all of Sources creations, I care for all beings, I care for the earth, I love my body, I love my DNA, I send love to the molecules and atoms that make up my DNA, I send love to the crystals that make up  my DNA, I awaken the molecules and atoms that make up my DNA, I activate the crystals in my DNA, I am connected to the molecules and atoms and crystals that make up my DNA, I call on the molecules, atoms and crystals in all of my DNA to Awaken and join in union with me, The Dark Mother in my Mitochondria DNA is awake, The God Eternal in my DNA is awake, I am aware of my connection to everything, My DNA is connected to all natural EMF's, My DNA bring to me abundance from the quantum fields, I embrace the power of the fourteen generations of memory in my DNA, All traumatic memories from the fourteen generations in my DNA is now released, All receptors in my body are open, All of the information in the universe is activated in my DNA, All of the DNA in my body is now activated, The crystals in my DNA is now activated, The lifespan of my DNA is limitless, My DNA is totally healed, My DNA vibrates on the highest vibrations available in the universe, My DNA is Divine vibrations, My DNA and I are connected and work as one, My DNA vibrates with the earth and is connected to the earth, My DNA operates at full potential, My DNA is pure love frequency, My DNA and My Enzymes work as one, My DNA is AWAKE, My DNA is now activated, My DNA is now upgraded, My DNA is Now Healed, I am one with my DNA!


This Program was Divinely inspired. Beings spoke to Darvad Ceka Hsie, and showed her her name on a stone tablet with the instructions of creating this Program. They also told her it was urgent and that this Program would not only affect Earth but the Entire Universe!

This affirmation should be used for a balancing and healing of the mind and body systems listed above. Follow the instructions below and you should expect to feel more harmonious and in tune. Some have reported: to be continued...

Instructions on how to use the affirmation: 

It has been proven in peer reviewed case studies , that it takes 28 days to reprogram the mind/body. So we suggest that you use this affirmation for 28 days without pause.

#1 Sit in a quit place without distraction (let the affirmation play at least once, two times daily). Completely relax (release all tension in the body) and surrender your body and mind to the healing affirmation. 

#2 Before playing the affirmation, contemplate on the healing of your entire body! See the healing of the body systems and feel as if healing and wholeness has already happened. (The most powerful part of this affirmation is ur intention)

#3 When listening focus in on the sound of the water...not the voice other tones. Imagine the waters running through your entire body healing everything it touches. Let Affirmation do its job! (best with earphones for some users).

#4 Also if you own a water fountain, you can play the affirmation to the running water and listen to the water...not the voice and other tones. Imagine the waters running through your entire body healing everything it touches.

#5 Think: I am Healed!

See video with explanation of affirmation copy and paste link:

See video on how to use Affirmation. Copy and paste link:


(There are no promises or guarantees and results may vary per person)

(no refund on this item )


Whilst Sound Healing is an amazing holistic therapy that has many benefits, it is always advisable to make an informed decision before listening and seek advice from your GP if you are concerned about any of the following (or anything else).

It is believed that there are many positive and beneficial effects to be gained from relaxation and healing sounds to the growing fetus. However, Sound Baths are not advised when less than 12 weeks pregnant.

According to the Epilepsy Action support services there is a rare form of epilepsy, where music or sound (bells, music, humming, buzzing, animals, and car horns, etc.) can trigger an epileptic seizure. Sound Baths may not be suitable for people with epilepsy.

Mental Health
Mental health condition can range from anxiety, depression and mood disorders that have a severe and tangible effect on your emotions and motivation. We rely on our senses, emotions, and perceptions to get us through the day so I advise to check with your medical advisor before listening to a Sound Bath if you suffer from a severe or clinical mental health condition.

Implants or plates in the body (metal plates, pins, ball joints in particular)
An implant is a medical synthetic device manufactured to replace or support or enhance a biological structure. The surface of implants that are in contact with the body might be made of a biomedical material such as titanium, silicone, or apatite. In some cases implants contain electronics e.g. artificial pacemaker and cochlear implants. The vibrations in sound healing may cause discomfort through the vibration of the sound and the implant or even disrupt its function.

Minors (under the age of 18)
We advise adults to use their discretion before allowing a minor to listen.