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Total Healing Affirmation

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The Total Healing Affirmation.

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At Zen Wombs we use the honor system and we do our best to make products available for people of all income levels. We expect the buyer of the Total Healing Affirmation to share the Affirmation with one or two close family member. But do ask that sharing of this affirmation be limited as it is very inexpensive. Please encourage others to purchase!

This specific affirmation is 15-minutes in length and is spoken in our sacred language, Sti-newn. Total healing is spoken over the entire body and each of its systems. This affirmation contains the element of running water so that the words spoken, will speak directly to the waters and DNA of the listener. Those who have listened to this affirmation and allowed it into their being, have reported that after listening, they have stopped smoking and released the desire of eating flesh, just to name a few. 

How does it work?

The sacred language is spoken into the ear (ear phones are suggested) and travels throughout the body through the vagus nerve. These words will speak to and program the waters and cells in your body.

Where does the language Sti-newn come from?

Over 30 years ago, "Source" spoke with Darvad Ceka Hsie while she was in her resting state. Darvad was given instructions and told to create and protect the sacred language Sti-newn. Years later she was given very precise instructions on working with tuning forks, her voice ( using the sacred language) and water. "Sound Healing Garden", was the name she was told to call this art. 

What is being said? What can this be used for?  What should I expect from this Affirmation?:

 Because we (Zen Wombs) hold this language sacred we have voweled to protect it and only teach it to our tribal members. So we WILL NOT be sharing what is being said verbatim, yet we are willing to give a summery of the healing affirmation. In this affirmation Darvad is speaking to and about:

love and gratitude for/to water, speaking total healing to the cells and atoms, Endocrine system, Exocrine and integumentary systems, Digestive system, Nervous system, Cardiovascular system, Immune system and lymphatic systems,  Muscular and skeletal systems, Urinary system, Respiratory systems,  Reproductive, and Vestibular system. 

This affirmation should be used for a balancing and healing of the 14 body systems listed above. Follow the instructions below and you should expect to feel more harmonious and in tune. Some have reported healing and reversal of systems in these areas.

Instructions on how to use the affirmation: 

It has been proven in peer reviewed case studies , that it takes 21 days to reprogram the mind/body. So we suggest that you use this affirmation for 30 days without pause.

#1 Sit in a quit place without distraction (let the affirmation play twice, two times daily). Completely relax (release all tension in the body) and surrender your body and mind to the healing affirmation. 

#2 Before playing the affirmation, contemplate on the healing of your entire body! See the healing of the body systems and feel as if healing and wholeness has already happened. (The most powerful part of this affirmation is ur intention)

#3 When listening focus in on the sound of the water...not the voice. Imagine the waters running through your entire body healing everything it touches. Let Affirmation do its job! (best with earphones).

#4 Also if you own a water fountain, you can play the affirmation to the running water and listen to the water...not the voice. Imagine the waters running through your entire body healing everything it touches.

See video with explanation of affirmation copy and paste link:

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