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WADUKA (Intro in Sti-Newn)!!!!

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NOW available our revolutionary, Water Program "WADUKA"!

When u purchase WADUKA (Intro in Sti-Newn), Make sure to leave the name (that u would like for us to translate into the sacred language Sti-Newn) in the comments section at checkout. We will send an email corresponding to your purchase with your name translated in Sti-Newn.

This affirmation is spoken in the sacred language Sti-Newn, specifically created for Nature to restore balance and harmony with the environment. The completion of the Gathering of Souls ceremony (copy link here: is a prerequisite to doing the Water Program, because it allows you back into the gates of Nature. When u follow the instructions and play the Water Program to major waterways, u will reset Nature back to its origins and bring nature in tune with Man.

There are three versions of the Water Program, "WADUKA".

#1 The free version includes u copying the Intro, Healing and Reprogram below. Take it to Nature and recite it over the waters.

#2 The 2nd version "WADUKA" (Intro in English)" see here:

#3 The final version is this one (u clicked on) "WADUKA" (Intro in Sti-newn)" includes: the Intro, Healing and Reprogram all three written in Sti-newn. U will also receive your name translated in Sti-Newn (instructions below). 


see video here:

Additional instructions 

Establish your meditation space around peaceful surroundings. It is important to sit and meditate before the ritual to allow yourself time to calm your mind/body/spirit allowing u to intuitively connect deeply with the environment

Follow the guidance of the Water Program as it leads you through the process. Make sure you listen to the Water Program in its entirety before the ceremony, as it provides instructions on when to meditate and make offerings at various intervals




Hodac WADUKA Ve (Say ur name) I speak protection over this ceremony. No Being will prevail in harming any being present or to come. No Being will prevail, in stopping the work that is done here. I am sent to heal and reprogram u with sacred tones Sti-Newn. Now is the time to follow my lead. I come in the universal vibration, Hodac. Sent by Grand Wise Woman Darvad Ceka Hsie. Please accept my union in love and heed my voice if my heart be pure. I have taken my soul to the trees, I made amends for my crimes against u. I have been allowed back in the gates of Nature. I come in love and harmony as a protector, partner, steward and friend, in service to WADUKA. I come as u, to be one with u. We are again one and the same. I ask for ur trust and give mine. I will not wrongfully harm, violate or destroy WADUKA I will love honor and respect WADUKA. I am grateful for the life of the living organisms u provide to sustain my life. I come to teach and heal u, by the way of the good in me. Please show me the way! Please show us the way.

(Pour Offering Now)


Pure Love and intention infused libations,
As I pour it u are healed.
With a new vibration I free WADUKA’s light…
I heal fire, water, air, and earth.
All animals that creep, crawl, walk, fly or swim…
U are now healed.
I heal all plants, grass, flowers, fruit and trees.
I heal the mountains, all elements, forest, rocks and minerals.
Divine vibrations, Earth now to u I return.
As ur antenna I amplify ur vibes.
Trapped energies are loose for they no longer serve.
Earth ur energies are harmonious ur portals are free.
I marry u in wholeness ur healing runs through me.
Love and gratitude has tied us mind to mind.
Earth healed, loved, cleansed and purified.
Pure love and intention infused libation…
As I pour it u are healed and u are free…
Earth, u are free! SRISOSIAKA!

(Pour Offering Now)


I bridge the gap between Nature and man.
We merge our frequencies…
We vibrate as one!
Disagreeable leaders now binded…
We take back their freedoms!
Finally, as we usher in this new day…
Our unified vibes brings a paradigm shift.
It is time my dear friend Nature…
U must follow my lead, as I take us home
Elements dance on my command…
And flow to my energy.
Winds blow for me, breath with me…
Be in rhythm with my hands.
Earth move for me, shake for me…
Move mountains on my command.
Fire heat for me, burn for me…
Transform all that I say!
Waters rise for me, flow for me…
Wash the sins of man away.
All animals communicate and work with me…
As I claim all earth lands.
Nature heed my vibes, heed my tones…
My frequencies and voice.
Nature and man again create bonds…
Together in the fight for freedoms.
Disagreeable leaders now binded…
We take back their freedoms!
Flesh of ur flesh and mind of ur mind…
My leadership has been restored!
I claim all lands my foremothers touched!
As a partner and as a steward…
I guide the stars, the moon, the waters and land…
The air, the fire the animal and all…
That walk and swim that fly, creep and crawl.
The mountains and forest respond to my lead…
The rocks and minerals will follow indeed!
The seen and hidden planes of earth…
Is where the divine great mother shall be birthed!
Natural law is restored and prevail over all!
The powers of earth usher in evil’s fall!
The original dark mothers
Are returning home!
Please remember her,
And show her the way.
When her flesh touch ur waters…
Sun, air and land…
Restore her to divine vibration!
Oh WADUKA, wise composer of flesh and blood!
Remember the primordial mothers
and her sons.
Remember our connection …
And how we serve together
For the good
And harmony of all!

(Pour Offering Now)