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"Zen For Pain" Healing Liniment 2oz Bottle

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Zen for Pain is the number one formula for the first stage of injury to muscles, tendons, bones, cartilage, or ligaments. It can be applied to bruises, sprains contusions, jammed fingers and toes, broken bones, torn sinews or damaged cartilage. U can use this formula for pain and swelling instead of using ice. 
This potent healing elixir provides a natural remedy for pain addressing a wide spectrum of common discomforts ranging from everyday headaches and toothaches to more persistent conditions like back pain and fibromyalgia, among others. It offers a holistic approach to pain management, diverging from conventional allopathic treatments that could potentially hinder your pursuit of a fulfilling quality of life.

Directions: Topical use only! Shake well before every use. Use 4 to 6 drops or 2 pumps (spray bottle) (rub) on pain area as needed or apply to cotton ball or gauze. Massage into affected area then cover with band aid every few hours as needed. As long as redness, heat, and swelling exist do not wrap too tightly. Allergy test: shake well, add one drop to skin, wait 30 mins to see results. if there is any irritation stop use. (Wash area clean after 24hrs to remove any residue. reapply as needed. )

Warning! Keep out of reach of children. For External Use Only. Wash hands after use, could cause eye irritation. Do not put on open wounds or cuts. Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing. This product will stain clothing!

Ingredients: (Organic and Natural Ingredients) vodka, over 20 Chinese healing herbs, and proprietary blend.

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It’s not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.